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Midlands Leagues restructuring

08 December 2005

League rugby in Warwickshire and North Midlands will undergo a major restructuring at the end of the current season.
In an attempt to make league games more competitive and to avoid leagues of fewer than ten clubs the two Warwickshire leagues will be merged with the two North Midlands South leagues to produce a new pyramid structure in the the south of the West Midlands.
This will be achieved by increasing the existing Midlands Four West (North) and Midlands Four West (South) leagues from ten to 12-club leagues. Midlands Four West (North) will continue to be fed by Midlands Five West (North) and Midlands Six West (North), both continuing as ten-club leagues.
The merger of the Warwickshire and North Midlands South leagues will form a new single Midlands Five West (South) league comprising ten clubs. This league will be fed by two parallel leagues - Midlands Six West (South West) and Midlands Six West (South East) each made up of ten clubs.
The changes have been implemented by the Midlands Leagues Organising Committee after extensive consultation with the affected clubs. The changes are the result of recommendations made by a Rugby Football Union competitions appeals panel who rejected Kings Norton's appeal against their placement in the current North Midlands One (South).
In rejecting Kings Norton's appeal the panel, chaired by former RFU president Robert Horner, expressed the desire that efforts should be made to increase the size of leagues, ideally to  a minimum of ten clubs, to ensure more competitive rugby.