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Midlands youngsters get chance to shine

08 December 2005

Youngsters from across the region will have a final opportunity to impress the Midlands Under-16 selectors in the age group's final trial at Solihull School on Sunday December 11 (1pm).
Thirty-five players have been selected to play in the trial match between the Reds and Blues with a further eight named as reserves to cover for injury.
The Midlands selectors will select a final squad of 25 after the trial to prepare for the opening Divisional Festival at Castlecroft in Wolverhampton on January 14 and 15, which form the next stage in the selection process for this season's England Under-16 squad.
The final Midlands squad will hold a training weekend at Solihull School on January 7 and 8 ahead of the Divisional Festival.
Midlands Under-16 final trial teams:
REDS: 15  R Aley (Leicestershire); 14 N Lowers  (NLD), 13 L Brookes  (Staffordshire), 12 J Kennedy  (Leicestershire), 11 J McPherson  (North Midlands); 10 R Clancy (Leicestershire), 9 S Harrison (Leicestershire); 1 A Brown (NLD), 2  S Collins  (Warwickshire), 3 W Mumford (Warwickshire), 4 M Deaville  (Staffordshire), 5 W Cooper (North Midlands), 6 D

Taylor (Staffordshire), 7 D Willis (North Midlands), 8 L Miller  (Leicestershire). Reserves to play: D Marshall (NLD), S Lewis (North Midlands). Reserves to cover injury: 

N Burton  (NLD), C Everton (NLD), D Murch (Warwickshire), H Hilder (Staffordshire).

BLUES: 15 L Stelling (North Midlands); 14 W Hurrell (Leicestershire), 13 O

Grove  (Warwickshire), 12 K Pallas (Leicestershire), 11 N Greenhalgh (Leicestershire); 10       L Massey (Staffordshire), 9 O Frost (North Midlands); 1 R Townsend (North Midlands), 2 T Charnley (NLD), 3 M Hill (North Midlands), 4 G

Kitchener (North Midlands), 5    J Cartwright (Staffordshire), 6 L Yarrenton (North Midlands), 7 M Everard  (Leicestershire), 8 R Milligan (East Midlands). Reserves to play: A Gates (NLD), C Moulton   (East Midlands), C Boardman (East Midlands). Reserves to cover injury: J Hodges  (North Midlands), T Garrity (Staffordshire), 

W Garton (NLD), T Pycroft  (NLD)