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Nils Mordt England Sevens Postcard from South Africa

06 December 2005

Saturday 3rd December 2005
England won the Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens on Friday night for the second year running. Nils Mordt who is celebrating his 22nd birthday today explains what the team got up to the day after the win�.

England won the tournament on Friday for the second successive year and it was an incredible feeling to win. There were 30,000 people in the stands all cheering for England and I have never experienced anything like it. We left the stadium and had a few songs on the bus on the way back to the hotel.  We went to the hotel bar in the evening and had a good night although we were pretty tired by the end and crashed out fairly early. On Saturday morning we woke up and had to go for a pool recovery session which was necessary after the intensity of playing three games in the 90 degree heat the day before. 

The players and some of the management played in an Emirates golf day.  We were very well looked after and it was a lovely course. It was good fun and we only played nine holes which was enough for me. Then we went to a sailing club after that and relaxed for a couple of hours. A few of us went out in a boat and had a tour of the marina which was interesting. There is so much construction going on in Dubai - everywhere you look there is something being built. Andy Vilk (Northampton Saints) said that a third of the world's cranes are in Dubai and its true - they are everywhere you look.

The team were invited to the famous Burj Al Arab hotel on Saturday night for dinner. It is the only seven star hotel in the world and is pretty unbelievable. Everywhere you look is gold leaf - even the strawberries at dinner had gold leaf on!  The head chef is English and he had made us a special cake in the shape of a rugby pitch to celebrate the win which was a really nice touch. 

Our flight to South Africa was at half three in the morning so we had to kill a bit of time before leaving for the airport so we packed and played a bit of PSP which has become the main focus for the players whenever we get a break from training! I am rooming with Ben Russell from Saracens who I know quite well and its been good fun sharing with him. 

It was my first trip to Dubai and its an amazing place. There is so much money out here its like no where else I have ever been.  The weather has been really hot.  We had two matches at lunchtime and it was really difficult to play in those conditions - we are having to drink loads of water to make sure we are hydrated enough. 

Now we are in South Africa and the tournament begins on Friday. England have never won back to back tournaments so that is something we are all fired up for.