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England U19s draw against Wales at Broadstreet

27 February 2005

27th February 2005
England Under 19s battled for a hard fought 5-5 draw at Broadstreet Rugby Club today. A solitary score by Morpeth's Katy Hall was the least that England deserved as they tried to overcome a spirited and determined Welsh Under 19s.
The squad for today's match was as follows:
1.    Roz Crowley  (Thirsk)
2.    Ollie Poore (C)  (Thirsk)
3.    Kelly Wallis  (Thirsk)
4.    Sara Anastasi  (Henley)
5.    Abi Blackburn  (Thirsk)
6.    Hannah Shields  (Thirsk)
7.    Kate Hall   (Morpeth)
8.    Helen Clewer  (Thirsk)
9.    Georgina Rozario  (Avon)
10.   Jess Morgan   (Worcester)
11.   Emily Price   (Camberley)
12.   Saskia Brazier-Kobus  (Lichfield)
13.   Ruth Clewer   (Worcester)
14.   Meg Youdan  (Chester)
15.   Charlotte Beaman  (Worcester)

16.   Kayleigh Hutchinson (Thirsk)
17.   Laura Keates  (Greyhound)
18.   Lucy Farmer  (Lewes)
19.   Sam Cornborough  (Richmond)
20.   Abi Mowbray  (Thirsk)
21.   Tina Lee   (Richmond)
22.   Rachel Mowbray  (Thirsk)


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