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The Real Jason Robinson

31 October 2005

Sporting autobiographies can be a bit hit and miss. This is partly because some of the writers don't or can't get close enough to their subject. If they don't do this the player may not open up enough and the reader doesn't get a complete picture of their character. 

Rugby biographies are normally a good read because that understanding is there but if the writer is also a friend of the player it can take the book to a different level.

�The Real Jason Robinson' does just that. Written by Jason's �right hand man' and good friend over a number of years, Dave Swanton (or Swanny as he is better known in rugby  circles) Dave has produced a book which is probably unique on the books market right now. He knows what makes Jason tick and shows a side of a player who has successfully played the game at club and international level in League and Union.

Dave has worked with Jason since 1998 when he was the PR man at Wigan and when he joined Sale in 2000 Jason, for rugby reasons, soon followed. The book is littered with good stories, which show a balanced picture of a dedicated athlete and family man with strong Christian beliefs who is also chief raider of the Swanny biscuit tin and a right cheeky so and so when he wants to be. Friend, driver, biscuit buyer, fan mail reply service, and media advisor, Dave has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt several times over with Jason.

Many of the stories are personal one's, which fans would not normally have access to, which makes parts of the book different from anything else that's currently available   and a must buy for all fans of Rugby League, Union and Jason Robinson.

�The Real Jason Robinson' is available from October 18th, priced at �17.95 and published by Viking (ENQUIRIES@EMPIRE-UK.COM)