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England Sevens release dates

25 September 2006

25th September 2006


England Sevens training days agreed

Premier Rugby Ltd has today reached agreement with the Rugby Football Union on release days for the England Sevens team in season 2006/7.

Premier Rugby's Rugby Manager Phil Winstanley said, "Mike (Friday) came to us with a request for more preparation time for the Dubai and Hong Kong tournaments. Working with Mike, we have been able to agree a programme that does that, but also addresses the preparation time required by our Directors of Rugby for the Guinness Premiership."

This agreement means that release days have now been agreed for both the senior and sevens teams through to the end of the current season and in the case of the senior team, through to the end of Rugby World Cup 2007.

Mike Friday, England Sevens Coach said "I'm delighted that we have reached this agreement. The training days will give us invaluable preparation time for Dubai and Hong Kong.

"England won in Dubai last year and we've also won an unprecedented four tournaments in a row in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is especially important to our plans to win the IRB Sevens Series in 2006/07 as the winners are given double the number of points allocated to other tournament wins during the international Sevens season.

"I'd like to thank Premier Rugby for their support and look forward to working with them during the forthcoming season."


RFU Media Office:    Tel: 0208 831 6513/07711 259179

PRL Press Office:     Tel: 0208 831 7909/07957 200

Dates Agreed EPS Dates 7's Proposed Dates
Tues 19th Sept 2006 EPS Day 1
Mon 25th Sept 2006 EPS Day 2
Tue 26th Sept 2006 EPS Day 3
Wed 27th Sept 2006 EPS Day 4
Mon 2nd Oct 2006 EPS Day 5 7s Day 1 (All Squad)
Tue 3rd Oct 2006 EPS Day 6 7s Day 2 (All Squad)
Wed 4th Oct 2006 EPS Day 7 7s Day 3 (All Squad)
Mon 9th Oct 2006 EPS Day 8 7s Day 4 (All Squad)
Tue 10th Oct 2006 EPS Day 9 7s Day 5 (All Squad)
Mon 20th Nov 2006   7s Day 6 ( 20 man Squad)
Tues 21st Nov 2006   7s Day 7 ( 20 man Squad)
Mon 22nd Jan 2007 EPS Day 10 7s Day 8 (All Squad)
Tues 23rd Jan 2007 EPS Day 11 7s Day 9 (All Squad)
Wed 24th Jan 2007 EPS Day 12 7s Day 10 (All Squad)
Mon 12th Feb 2007 EPS Day 13 7s Return from San Diego
Tue 13th Feb 2007 EPS Day 14 7s Return from San Diego
Mon 26th Feb 2007 EPS Day 15
Tues 27th Feb 2007 EPS Day 16
Mon 19th Mar 2007   7s Day 11 (20 Man Squad)
Tues 20th Mar 2007   7s Day 12 (20 Man Squad)