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England Fans Get Behind The Team Before the Tonga Clash

28 September 2007

hi fellas,good luck for friday,me and my son aged 7 will be chearing you on...SO PLAY WELL AND WIN WELL

Simon Reynolds

Got all my roses out ready for tomorrow.  Supporters all invited and seats allocated in my little cottage in Devon.  Go, go, go boys, we're all behind you (hope you will be able to hear the cheers from here!!!) x


Good luck lads, do the same to Tonga as u did to sure u can !! i`ll be watchin and shouting loadly!!

All the best lads.


From all the Hollismen of Hornsea RUFC, and the Barmby boys.... COME ON U ENGLAND...........
All the best for tomorrow............

I'd just like to wish you all the best of luck!  Keep focused and show them what your made of!  I know you'll make us all proud!!

Gemma xXx


This is the most important match so far in this World Cup.  When England do their best they can beat any team that comes their way, and that includes the current New Zealand team.

You all know that your best performance will knock back any player you come up against, with footwork, pace or shire brute force.  Some people beleive that you'll all make it to the Quarter Finals and be knocked out by Australia.  Why?  What makes that your fate?

You all decide what happens in the game against Tonga and then the game against Australia and then further.  This is a team game lads, but first of all you all need to believe it as indviduals.

Alex Cummings

Good luck against Tonga (I put money on them that I want to lose!), so you can beat Australia again in the quarter-finals.

BA 777 pilots wish you well


England go for it, although the path for the World Championship is hard, but we can do it. We will support you all the time.


To the England team I'll be rooting for you to win and watching the game as england play tonga you just need to play at speed and do what england do best play rugby and show the world that england can hold on to the world cup. Come on england!!


Great team game against Samoa, now keep the momentum. Tonga seem to be the suprise in the group but this is all about self belief. Be inspired by how far you have come despite all adversity. Be strong, be confident and whatever you all do, don't play within yourselves.

Good Luck !


Good luck boys, for Friday night. I will be there in spirit. I watched every game out in Australia and saw your brilliant World Cup victory.

I know you can do it when it matters.

Best wishes from Mary and everyone at Alton Rugby Club.

Wishing the England squad only the very best of luck!
Youve got to do it cause youre headlining at our Go Play Rugby day on the 6th October in the quarter finals against the Aussies! Its that or the Junior Chairman (me)goes in the lake!!!!Save me!!!!!Go England!! Eccleshall RUFC,Staffordshire are behind you all the way!

Good luck from on behalf of everyone in Helmand province (english that is!). Play your game boys and anyone is defeatable.
And as an old-Barnadian - good luck Taity.

Nick Moran

WE all believe in you no matter what the end result


You can do it boys I know that.... and remenber the words from Sir Wiston Churchill....What kind of people do they think We are ? Show them.....
Gerry Escobar

Hi Guys,

This is from my son who is 10, and Rugby mad, thank heavens. He met Tom Rees earlier this year at Henley Rugby Club, and wants to follow in his steps. All the very best of luck tomorrow, wear your shirts with pride, and meet their forwards with English MUSCLE.

Your going to win.



Come on England ... Waspy boys take the lead.



Good luck lads we'll all be shouting you on in Orrell and Wigan. Nick Easter you deserve this .So go out and do what you do well, hit hard run hard and score those tries that we remember at Orrell. Faz you were the best in the world at RL so shut the pundits up and play  as only you can. Ian, an Orrell and Wigan Warriors fan


To all the England Squad.
Hope you do well in your match against Tonga. I hope you will use quick ball and score loads of tries and that Jonny will be able to convert your hard work.  I am very proud of all of your efforts to work as a team and almost win all your matches. I hope that one day I will be able to show determination and great team work like you.
Lots of luck Oliver Knox age 8 scrum half for Ipswich Rugby Club under 10's

Sock it to 'em lads.  Hit them hard and fast so they can't catch their breath!  Let the Southern hemisphere see that England's far from finished.


Best wishes for a great result tonight; my England rugby socks are on already in support! Whatever the outcome, I know that you will give it your all, and I am very proud to be a supporter of such a wonderful group of players!


Hi, guys! I'm a Romanian who has lived in the UK for the last 12 years. You might think I'd support Romania in the World Cup but YOU GUYS are my boys! Bring it home again, lads! I KNOW you can do it again! Just want it bad enough and it will happen! I'm watching every game, keeping everything crossed! Go get 'em, guys!


go 4 it lions


Good luck guys.
Do what ever is necessary to beat Tonga and then we have a showdown with the Wallabies.

We can and will beat them again, they will think we are the wealer team, and won't take the game as seriously as they should.



All the very best for Friday - you can do it.

Watch the 'Any Given Sunday' pre-match speech and that will inspire you to win by 20 points !

Roger and Thomas (age 7) Moore

We wish you the strength & determination as well as all the luck you need. We support you to the hilt. You're our Champions at all times.

Peace, Love Light & POWER!!!!


Good luck for tomorrow night.

Nick Green
Heathfield & Waldron RFC

Good luck lads. A good win against Tonga would really boost the team's confidence. And I think we could then progress PAST the quarter-finals!
Paul Wade

myself and the rest of my family will be watching and cheering on friday so go and show everyone what your made of you know you can win if you just believe in yourselves


All the best fella's.  Give it your best shot.  I was in Australia 4 years ago and remember it so well.  One of the best experiences of my life.  Can't wait for tomorrow.


all the best for Tonga ( and hopefully Australia ).Its about time you boys started playing like you believe in yourselves and each other.We have to beat the cocky Aussies.

To One and All, squad and backroom, I wish you the best of luck in the game against Tonga on Friday.

I am the Secretary of Paphos Tigers RFC and my mates within the team and the committee are mostly of South African/Cypriot birth so you can understand what I've been going through recently! 

Come on Team and Turn It Around!  Then show the Aussies that we are not a spent force!

Yai Mas! as we say in Cyprus.

Tony Brearton, a Yorkshireman in retirement!

Go  for  it  boys!
You know you can do it.


Hi guys,

well done against Samoa, you did really well!

i hope that you can play like that tomorrow against Tonga because we will all be very upset if you are coming home early!

Good Luck, Play Well, We will all be watching you!


PS Go for it Jonny!!!!!


Best of Luck for tomorrow. Will be there cheering you on boys !!!


Good luck for Friday evening. In the words of Nelson, 'England expects every man to do his duty'. We have every faith in you that you can. Come on do it for the girls!!!!

Susan Smith

hi all good luck for your match tomorrow im sure we will come out good in it i will be here at home watching and cheering you all on hope we do well x x x x x x


I believe we can rise to greatness again! Show the world what we are really capable of!!


Southgate RFC are with you all the way. There's a good number who will be at the match and the rest of us will of course be shouting loudly with beer in hand.

After the horror show against South Africa, where you seemed to take to the pitch on a dammage limitation mission, the game against Samoa was fantastic.
If only the stupid penalties that we give away so cheeply could be stopped, we would have a proper chance in this tournament. We won four years ago because we were disiplined and gave away lss penalties than our opponents, and Jonny punished them when they fouled.
When we were under pressure in the second half against Samoa and only 4 points between us, we stopped giving cheap points away and finally we pulled away with Jonny punishing them as he did 4 years ago.
I was there for that whole tournament, and I finally saw a similar spirit to that last week, so keep it up lads, get some confidence against Tonga, and we can cause a huge upset and win back to back world cups.
Good Luck


'Come on England!'. Try to remember that every English person is behind you and wishing you well. Every player from juniors,senior amateurs through to professionals who have played for England or wish that they will one day, is supporting you. As a player myself this would fill me with massive pride. The only pressure you should feel is to do your best.
I was going to mention getting the set piece right, no knock ons', play with adventure, keeping discipline (especially against Tonga)and so much more but you have probably already heard all of this and more and as a supporter I have faith in the coaches and players to see that what needs to be done, will be.
Go out there, prove to the world that we are still a force to be reckoned with and above all ENJOY it.

Paul Wilson
Barton Hill RFC (Bristol....Come on Bris')

Have a great game guys, you have the talent to win this one. All the best from Canada.


To all the England Squad,

Wishing you all the best for your game against Tonga tomorrow!

We'll raise a glass for you!

Richard and Linda Long.


There is no other time than now to play your socks off, nothing to hold back for. This is the tournament of the underdogs, and with France and now NZ looking vulnerable there is everything to play for.

You don't need luck, you just need to do what you are capable of. For those of us in France and those at home do it for us !!

Three supporters  of Leicester Tigers, Robert,Jean & Victoria wish the team good fortune !!!!

Good Luck boys, I know you can win

miss you Jason

Donna Bowman

I hope your confidence is up for the match against the tongans.
dont sharade yourselfs that the match will be easy because it wont.
dont loose your form and keep pushing right untill the 80th minute, you cant afford not too.
Good luck boys.
you ARE the BEST in the world still.
love you lot.

Good luck lads . Ypou are getting better with every game. Show them what youare made of


Have a greatgame Andy, we are behind you all the way.  Good Luck Guys, you know you can do it.

Bob & Sue Leat + Derrick and Margaret Gomarsall

Be bulls for the whole 90 minutes - have no doubts about you at all.  Look forward to seeing you all in the semi-final. 

Ali x

Good luck to you all. We know you can do it - especially all you Bath Boys!!  We shall travel from Somerset to London to see you parading round with the Webb-Ellis Trophy when you bring it back home with you!
Thinking of you all.  Mark & Kim Fountain.  Axbridge.  Somerset



Hello there,

Just wanted to again wish you all the best of luck in this evenings match, I know that we can do so well because we deserve too!

Enjoy yourselves and play some amazing Rugby!

Rebecca Jones, Northampton.


Looking forward to the match on Friday night. Good luck lads, help keep Captain Corry and the country smiling!


Play as the Team - Play as the World Champions you are! we wish you all the very best Ian, Gly, JD and Ali J

The eyes of the nation will be apon you, this your moment to shine.

Good luck and make sure you show Tongo who's boss.


Goodluck with the games lads i know you can do it i live in new zealand and im all ways backing you i get so much greif from the kiwis over here ill never give up supporting you GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! from pompey_fc


Best wishes for the rest of the tournament.  Play like your lives depend on it, and take responsibility for being an England player in everything you do on the park on Friday.  The support of all players in England is behind you - draw on that. No silly penalties - keep the referee on your side.
From all at Woking Rugby Club
Lawrence - we are the former club of your old mate John Lester.

Good luck lads. Dont dissapoint us (your fans). Was in Aus for the last world cup and it would be great to see some of that determination again !!!


I've just come back from France after seeing our last two games. The mood from the supporters both in the stadiums and in the bars has been growing as we progress through the tournament and as we see the team coming together. The momentum is growing nicely towards giving the Aussies a nice suprise in the quarters.

The challenge for the last World Cup was to keep the standards up at their peak - the challenge for this is to keep the momentum going and to peak at the right time. I believe we can continue to gel better and better as a team. Keep going and do us proud.

Hi Guys

I will be rooting for you all the way.  Show them what you are made of you GREAT English Lion Hearts.

Love Mary

Go on lads we are all behind you and believe you can do the job on friday. we will be shouting you on as loud as poss...

Nick Hood

Go boys and just do the business..........


We're all counting on you guys to put in a good performance here so no pressure at all!
You can win this game and I know you will, Good luck fellas, Tony


Don't look back in anger, lads. Look forward with confidence!!!!
Only one way to go, keep building the momentum and your confidence will carry you along.
Good luck...



Guys keep up the hard work, and for God's sake ignore our country's disgraceful negative media. Anyone who knows a thing about rugby can see that you're giving it your all and putting your bodies on line. Keep working and the performances will come.
Whatever the press says, i haven't, and won't miss a second regardless of the results. I still wear my Red Rose for every match day and wear it proudly. All the best for Tonga and whatever comes afterwards.

Adam and house mates, UWE, Bristol

Show the world what country you are from by playing with your heart on your sleeve and never giving up.  Sing the national anthem with pride and give the engravers a clue of who they will need to put on the trophy. 

All the best,


You have the spirit, you have the skill last weekend you showed you have the style. Heads up boys time to show the world you can be counted as serious competitors for the cup this year!!

Good Luck!!






November 2003 is a memory to savour and always will be, four brief days.....a lifetime experience.

Come on lads, make us all proud again!!

Last time I travelled to Sydney to watch England win the Webb Ellis for the first time.

I will pay anything to experience you guys being the first ever successful defenders of the Trophy.

Your effort is always appreciated, even when the results aren't with us.



Hi, just wanted to say so what, to the critics etc. You still are World Champions and we still have one of the best squads in the World. Just put your hearts into it and play everything you have as we have nothing to lose other than a bit of pride. Also you better win as last week I had a bet you would win and if you did I would have the rose Tattoo'd on my chest, guess what??? I am now in Agony. If you loose this week I have to get a Rugby ball on my ass, so please win!!!!! Cheers Si from Ibiza.


Hi boyz,

Don't let hype get you, these lot are amateurs and not worthy !! You won't get a chance to put some manners on the Aussie fools if you don't beat this lot.

Come on !!!!!!!


Hi guys you seem to be making heavy weather of the first games but the last one saw a chance to make a resurgence. This game is as important as the final at this point in time so continue on the upward trend that started with the last game. Again concentrate on the basics, let the forwards get up in support and allow the backs do what they do best. You have all got talent, play as a team and play for each other. The country is behind you and if you believe then things can happen. all the best for tomorrow lads and heres to the next round. Good luck and lets go further.


Come on you boys, lets start firing on all cylinders. Next match,sweep Australia into the desert.
We have not reached our full potential yet!!



My husband, Graham, who died last January, was Chairman of Cardigan, WEST WALES, RFC. for three years and put up with agreat deal of ribbing for his passionate support of England first and Wales if England wasn't playing. I have a lovely photo of him holding up the Word Cup when it did its tour of clubs.I will be watching you in his stead. I know you will play your hearts out. Good luck lads!



Come on boys!!

Let's know we are one of the best teams in World Rugby.  Let's walk out there making them aware of us & every man knowing his teammate is beside him in that thinking.

You don't need to be told how to do it, you just KNOW!!

Quick ball guys, lets give them a real runout!


Get out there and do the business guys. Build on what you did to Samoa!

Best wishes



Come on boys i know you can do this, my hubby, daughter, her guy Woody and friends Pip & Tim, will be with you at the pitch to push you on to win.  It will be my frist live match & i can't wait.  Must go to bed now as i have a plane to catch tomorrow for Paris.

Good Luck & swing low.


We will be, as a family be watching like crazy ( with a few glasses of wine!) and we will feel for you,sing,shout, to encourage you,you cannot believe how much we want this win for you1, you can win, you have a wonderful team, every movement will be watched and cheered,just don't give any penalties away!The best of British to you all.



Come on Team, you know you can do it.

Show them how world champions play.

Stop the silly fouls which give too many penalties.

Run the ball yoiu cannot score without a ball so do not kick it and give it to the other side - simple

Good luck


it wont be luck that will make you winners tomorrow - it will be because you do not deserve to be knocked out at this stage !!!THATS WHY YOU WILL WIN ...........
keep your peckers up we are rooting for you lots of love THE STRONGS X X X X X DEREK,KIM,CHRIS,STEVE,ALEX, GEMMA,VIKKI

You all have the support of the English People where ever they may be.
Keep a cool head, don't give away needless penalties and you will walk the game.
All the very best.


Jerry Harris

Good Luck to all the Team and Brian Ashton . Wear the shirt with pride. Spread the ball about, think of all the people out there that will be willing you to win.


All I can say is thank god I don't have to get up early to watch 'THE CHAMPIONS' defend their title. After the last world cup I had the English Rose tattooed where you wear it on your shirt, don't let yourself down, don't let yor team down and more importantly don't let your country down. I wish you all the best of luck.

A forever ENGLAND RUGBY fan in Lanzarote


Come on England keep the faith, like your supporters are.
Good to see the Tigers represented well though I have a feeling Dan Hipkiss should be in the starting line up.
Good luck to all of you.
I'll be cheering you on.





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