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Disciplinary Advisory - Cinderford, Exeter Chiefs

10 December 2008

December 10th, 2008 


A Rugby Football Union disciplinary panel will meet at the Bristol Filton Holiday Inn on Wednesday December 17th to discuss three cases.

Mark Cornwell of Cinderford RFC has been called to attend the hearing after a citing was made by Redruth RFC. Cornwell is charged with stamping contrary to Law 10(4)(b) in a match between the two sides on November 1st.

Adesina Obileye of Cinderford RFC has also been charged with striking contrary to Law 10(4)(a) in a match against Launceston's 2nd on December 6th.

John Andrews of Exeter Chiefs is charged with striking contrary to law 10(4)(a) also, in a match against Doncaster on December 6th.