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Mansfield's Investors in People Award approved

29 June 2009

Mansfield, the first amateur rugby club in England to achieve the Investors in People award, have been re-assessed and maintained the award for a third time.

"Our Assessor was indeed very impressed with what she found and commented that the club has evolved very positively over the years during her visits, which are every three years," said Mansfield chairman Andy Foster.

"It is also worthy of note that in many areas it was observed that not only did we come up to the required standard but we far exceeded it to the point where our systems and culture would stand up to scrutiny against many of the best corporate organisations, which is all the more impressive when you consider we are a volunteer organisation."

Foster emphasised that there would no complacency from Mansfield who are always looking at ways to improve.

"Clearly there are things that we can do better and there were suggestions that we can start work on immediately, so there's no chance of getting carried away thinking we've arrived, as it were, because there are always areas where we can improve - however, we should enjoy the moment and take the time to feel pleased with what we have achieved as a club," he said.

Marketing and Development Team Leader Paul Elliott stressed that having the award proved to sponsorship and funding bodies that Mansfield had a structure for sustainability, an important criteria in their decisions.

"We recognise the importance of volunteers and how to value their time, we couldn't exist without them," he said.

"We have worked closely with Alex Thompson, the RFU's Volunteer Executive for the Midlands, to provide support to other clubs. We are more than happy sharing experiences, templates and documentation with them, no need to reinvent the wheel."

The Investors in People (IIP) Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation's performance. It aims to match what people can do and are motivated to do with what the organisation needs them to do.

Businesses of any size or sector can easily align the framework with their existing business planning model. Through this model, organisations are encouraged to work towards continuous improvement.

Each principle is broken down into a number of 'indicators' - there are ten in all - of what good practice means and how to know when you are achieving it. They make clear the responsibilities of managers in leadership, management and development of people, and encourage businesses to involve employees in decision-making.


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