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Delhi Daily with Ben Gollings: Day 3

06 October 2010

  • Ben Gollings gives you the inside track on England's quest for Commonwealth gold
  • World record sevens points scorer on dazzling footwork and golf

England Sevens veteran Ben Gollings celebrates scoring a try

Photo: Getty Images

Another good day in Delhi as we began it with work in the pool and ended on the driving range.

We had a good rugby session in between too, able to build on yesterday’s work with Canada and a really positive response from the boys. We took a lot more positive steps in the right direction towards the tournament on Monday and Tuesday which is what we want.

There was lots of exciting stuff from the boys but Danny Caprice was just unbelievable today. He’s got unbelievably good footwork, beats people for fun and he could be a real winner for us and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does out there.

After that it was back here for a low-key afternoon, playing a bit on the golf simulator in the International Zone in the Village and just kicking back, getting some treatment and relaxing.

Greg Barden is the king pin on the golf in our team. He hit the ball 378 yards and at the moment he is the No.1 man in the Village. My roommate Mat Turner kept trying but couldn’t get close to him. Useless!

I’m struggling with the wrists, so just casual swinging for me and got away with hitting the ball and not getting hurt so that’s good.

We’ve finished up with a team meeting, then all of us seeing the Doc for a routine check to make sure we’re all clear to play and an early night – ready for another important day.


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