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Delhi Daily with Ben Gollings: Day 5

08 October 2010

  • Ben Gollings gives you the inside track on England's quest for Commonwealth gold
  • A day off for Ben and the squad and he shares who his sporting icons are
Ben Gollings of England in action during the Cup Final on day three of Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Photo: Getty Images

I’ve been relaxing in the Village for most of the day. Not sleeping, just chilling out. I didn’t want to sit on a bus, just wanted to get some things done – send postcards, get a haircut (nice little head massage) and just enjoy not having to think much about rugby.

I’ve kept an eye on other sports while we’ve been here, though. I’ve always been into watching sportspeople and it’s amazing to see what they do at close quarters. In a place like this you can see how other people live and breathe it before and after competition It’s very different from the world of rugby.

My favourites to follow growing up were Liverpool, pretty dominant in their day, sensational to watch, and some of the athletes, the Linford Christies, Colin Jacksons. In the tennis world I still think Roger Federer’s one of the most exceptional sportsmen around and he’s been in a class of his own for years. He’s so relaxed about it. I’d love to meet him, have a chat and see how he operates.

That brings me on to taking part in other sports. You can’t do enough cross-training and taking part in other things as far as I’m concerned. You learn so much and take away so many other skills – plus you get to let your hair down and play something without the stresses of having to win. I’d do it every day if I could and I was lucky that growing up with five brothers so I was able to do that.

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