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Delhi Daily with Ben Gollings: Day 6

08 October 2010

  • Ben Gollings gives you the inside track on England's quest for Commonwealth gold
  • Two days to go and its now time for light sessions and revisiting the venue
Ben Gollings of England races away to score a try 

Photo: Getty Images

Another good day in the England Sevens camp as the clock ticks down to the start of the tournament on Monday. We started with swimming at 7.30am as usual and then had our first trip down to the venue, the Delhi University Stadium, which is looking really good. They should get a good crowd in on Monday.

I think tickets will sell well because Sevens is an interesting and different event here. Also when you talk to other athletes about it they're keen to come down as well.

So we had a good little session, going over what we've been doing, focusing in on what we want to do and putting the finishing touches to everything. It was very hot and it'll be hot come Monday. We had a bit of a relax over lunchtime - I caught a snooze for an hour - and then a power and weights session in the afternoon which was a very short, low-key one.

There's no point killing yourselves now, it's just good to keep the body moving, and some of us went out on the main training track at the Athletes Village to have a little run as well. Being on a track like that gives you a real feelgood factor when you're doing your speedwork. Then a little hydrotherapy session in the hydro pools there, which is just to aid recovery and relax the muscles and make you feel as fresh as possible.

Now it's just a matter of relaxing. Tomorrow we've got just one final run to keep the body moving in the heat and ready for the action on Monday.

In the countdown to a big tournament you need to take your rest when you can and get quality sleep because it's simply the best form of recovery. The boys will be getting their heads down early tonight.

As far as food goes, I just try to stick to as normal a diet as I can, like I'd eat at home. You want to fuel the body but you can over-fuel it and then you feel heavy and sluggish. You need a happy medium.

You can only store so much energy and key moments come on game day,. We play three games on Day One - Sri Lanka, Uganda and Australia - with a big break between each match. You get ready for the first game and the key then is how you recover from that.

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