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Player Feature: David Jackson

01 December 2011

  • Nottingham's longest serving player answers your questions
  • The culture is right at Green and Whites – Jackson
Nottingham Rugby's David Jackson answers your questions

Photo: RFU Archive

The former mullet man and Nottingham Rugby faithful is put under the spotlight in this month’s Q&A.

Name: David Jacksone
Age: 29
Club: Nottingham Rugby
Position: Full back/Wing

Worst dressed player at Nottingham Rugby: Some might say me! I’m currently rocking white socks on match day with my jeans and brown loafers. It’s just something I’m trying to start. You don’t start trends without raising a few eyebrows.

Best banter: Johnny Baird thinks he has the best banter but he hasn’t. Tim Streather makes me laugh a lot.

Last film you watched: The Hangover 2, and it was very disappointing.

iphone or Blackberry:  HTC – it’s won awards.

X-Factor or Strictly: X-Factor but only because I like getting annoyed by the judges. I don’t like Kelly Rowland, she gets me fired up.

Q: Firstly, let's address the mullet. Why did you decide to send it for the chop?

It was to raise money for my and Neil Fowkes testimonial year which is linked to The Balls To Poverty Project, so it was a fundraiser. I had it for about two and a half years but it wasn’t at that length for that long. It was a lifestyle choice.

Q: And on the subject of hair, you’re a particular supporter of Movember. How are you feeling about this being your last week with the tash?

Well, it’s not any normal moustache – it’s called the cat’s tail. It’s part of the rules that I have to get rid of it at the end of November, so I guess I have to. It won’t be as tough as getting rid of the mullet though.

Q: Now, onto serious business. You have suffered a few injuries in the last six months and are currently out with a shoulder injury. Does persistent injury change how you play the game, perhaps more tentatively?

You tend to get frustrated when you’re out for a long time, just watching games and training and not being able to get out there. But I think you end up being the most keen person on the field, because you’re so eager to get back out playing. It all depends on the type of injury as well. Injuring my cheekbone at the end of last season didn’t keep me out for too long, but I broke my foot before and now I’ve done my shoulder and there’s a lot more rehab to do, which is much more difficult.

I’ve been out just over six weeks and we thought three-four months in total, but as with all these things, we’re taking it a day at a time.

Q: Nottingham are currently seventh in the table but with the standard of rugby being played, the distance between sides is now minimal. Have you noticed a chance in quality over the past three seasons?

Definitely. There is a bit of a gap now between the top eight and the bottom four, but when it comes to games, anyone can beat anyone. The play-offs will be really interesting this year, I think every game will be within a score and it will be down to who comes out on top in those pressure situations. We’ve won a couple of tight games and we’ve lost a few, so we’ve had experience with that. We feel like we have had a couple of decent results in recent weeks and we’re just looking to get on a roll and get momentum going into the play-offs.

Q: If the stats are correct, you are Nottingham’s longest serving player alongside Neil Fowkes. What is it about the club that keeps you so dedicated?

The culture is right. We have a core group that have stuck with the club year by year and we’ve never had a huge amount of changes. For that reason, you get to know people and they're a pleasure to work with. It’s more than just playing rugby, they are your mates so it means more.

Visit the website for more information on Balls to Poverty.