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Player Focus: Ross Johnson

04 April 2012

  • Bristol hooker Ross Johnson under the spotlight
  • Last season was tough – Johnson
Player Focus: Ross Johnson 

Photo: John White Media

Pool A top try scorer and Bristol hooker Ross Johnson speaks to about pastries, Only Fools and Horses and Bristol's promotion hopes.

Nickname: Handsome…only joking! Rubber Guts Johnson
Worst dressed player at Bristol Rugby: Wayne Thompson
Best banter: Darren “DC” Crompton
Last film you watched: Contraband
iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone
Favourite food:  Curry - no coriander
Pet: A bulldog called Del Boy
If you didn’t play rugby, what other sport would you like to play professionally? Snooker
If you had an alter ego, what would it be called? Rubber Guts

@BenPrater: Is it true you once scored only two out of ten in BBC Bristol’s Only Fools and Horses quiz?

That’s completely wrong - I scored 10/10!

@TomSlater: What is your favourite cake? 

I’m not really into cake, I prefer pastries.

You’re currently the top try scorer in Pool A. Do you secretly wish you were a wing?

I see myself as more of an outside half than a wing.

Which rugby players did you admire growing up and why?

Neil Jenkins – he was a national hero in Wales – and Dale McIntosh because I really admired him as a player.

Tell us something about yourself that might come as a surprise.

I had a tattoo when I was holiday with some friends. It’s supposed to be a Chinese symbol on my leg but it doesn’t actually have any meaning.

What made you chose Bristol Rugby after leaving Cardiff Blues?

I had watched Bristol on TV and after having spoken to the management at the time and seeing the support for the club, I thought it was an environment I would enjoy playing in.

How does this season compare to last, when Bristol finished 8th?

Last season was tough, losing all the time. There’s been a lot of change with backroom staff and players so I think the environment is just better in general; it’s more fresh.

What has been your highlight of this season so far?

Scoring a hat trick of tries against Doncaster.

Liam Middleton has banned the word "promotion" around the club but you must have thought about the possibility of Bristol going up this season?

Yeah, people would be lying if they said they didn’t think about it at some point but with the environment that’s been created here, it doesn’t allow you to get carried away.  We’re always just focusing on the next game.


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