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Iain not Grieving about semi-final defeat ahead of new season

23 August 2012

  • Iain Grieve bouyant ahead of new season
  • There’s a lot of confidence we can take from last season - Grieve
Bristol Rugby captain Iain Grieve with Leeds and Newcastle

Photo: RFU Archive

Despite a devastating defeat at the hands of Cornish Pirates in last year’s semi-finals, Bristol Rugby captain Iain Grieve is buoyant ahead of his side's fourth season in the RFU Championship.

Grieve, 25, joined his fellow RFU Championship captains at the launch of the new season on Tuesday, lining-up next to former Premiership clubs Leeds Carnegie and now, Newcastle Falcons. With Jersey also joining the competition, the RFU Championship is set to be as tough as ever before but with the introduction of new team members, Grieve is remaining “comfortable and confident” as the first season springs into sight.

“There’s a lot of confidence we can take from last season and there’s a lot of goals we met as a squad,” he said.

“The first game against Newcastle is obviously going to be tough, but we’ll take each game as it comes.

“The new guys are settling in; we’ve got some good front row at the club already and Carl Trainer and Bruce Douglas are going to add value to the team.”

Championship is getting a lot harder – Grieve

Grieve – who captains the side for a third consecutive year – is painfully aware of the impact a poor ten minute spell can have on the destiny of a club in this league, after their fall during last year’s semi final against the Cornish Pirates.

But their unforeseen loss has only enhanced his side’s desire for victory, focussing even more on closing out their wins.

“Last year, we had a ten minute blip and that reflected what happened in our whole season, a whole 8, 9 months worth of work was gone in ten minutes.

"The RFU Championship is getting a lot harder and we know in ourselves that we need to close our games. It just shows how every little point you can get in the season is important to achieve that top four finish.

“Yes it’s going to be a bit of a challenge, we try and put our best 15 out every game and all the other teams are going to do the same, we‘re going to take each game as it comes, obviously the first game is Newcastle which we know will be a tough game but I’ve got full confidence in my team.”


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