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Championship Player Focus: Andy Short

26 January 2012

  • Former England U20 Andy Short talks pasties, Pirates and cheesecake!
  • "Believe that they're good enough" - advice to England U20 squad
Luke Eves returns to Bristol Rugby 

Photo: Brian Tempest

Name:  Andy Short
Age: 21
Club:  Cornish Pirates / Worcester Warriors
Position: Centre


Worst dressed player at Cornish Pirates: Ian Nimmo
Best banter: Dave Ward
Last film you watched: Unstoppable
iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone
Favourite food: Roast dinner followed by my nan’s homemade cheesecake
If you didn’t play rugby, what other sport would you like to play professionally? Darts!

From Twitter...

@mynameisteo: Have you had any pasties in Cornwall yet?

I had one after the Nottingham game. It was a vegetable and cheese pasty, so not quite the same as a proper Cornish one! I’ve yet to happy a proper meat and veg pasty  but I’m sure I’ll get around to it!

@Petethepirate: How good did it feel to touch down on your Pirates debut?

It was great – it always is to cross the try line, especially on your debut, so I was really happy.

@snd_jones: What advice would you give the current England U20 squad?

I think just believe that they’re good enough. It’s a great set-up and with the players they have, they can achieve a lot. Just keep working hard up to and during the 6 Nations and then into the World Cup, because they can do it.

@LucyJ12: Is the plan still to return to Worcester after your loan finished?

Yeah the plan is to return to Worcester after my time at Pirates. Hopefully I can play in the latter stages of the Premiership and in next year’s squad. It’s better to be playing down with Pirates than up at Worcester and not getting game time. You play rugby to play in fixtures and this loan has given me the opportunity to do that.

@Ed_Price: What are you impressions of Championship rugby so far?

I had first-hand experience of the Championship last year with Warriors, and people really do underestimate how difficult this league is. It’s just as physical and quick as the Premiership. The top five or six teams in the league are all competing for the top spot and that shows how tight the competition is

@Hiiino: What are you hobbies outside of rugby?

The usual really! Seeing my friends, spending time with my family and girlfriend and of course, some Playstation!