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Lee Blackett appointed as Titans Defence Coach

24 July 2012

  • Carnegie back recruited to Clifton Lane
  • "I am aiming to help bring leadership to the group" - Blackett
Lee Blackett has been appointed as Titans Defence Coach

Photo: RFU Archive

Titans Rugby are delighted to announce the appointment of Lee Blackett as their new Defence Coach.

Blackett returned to the Titans this summer following his six year stint with local rivals Leeds Carnegie and he returns to Clifton Lane with a wealth of experience having worked with some of the top coaches in England.

During Blackett’s time in the Premiership with Leeds, Lee worked with Stuart Lancaster, Mike Ford and Neil Back and is aiming to pass on his learnings to Titans saying:

“I am aiming to help bring leadership to the group, both on and off the pitch. Also, as part of my role, I want to try and bring a focus to the defensive side of things as that aspect of the game is every bit as important as our attacking play.

“In addition to working with the group and I am also doing a lot of one to one sessions, focusing on position and technique.

“My ambition is to become a coach when I finish playing and hopefully that will be at a high level within the game. I am and have been head coach at Sheffield Hallam University for the last three years and I enjoy that role immensely.

I’m looking forward to passing on some of my experience - Blackett

“Previously when I was at Leeds, I was the defensive leader in the final two years in the Premiership. I have worked under Mike Ford who was England’s defensive coach, I have worked with Neil Back who was the defensive leader on the pitch when England won the World Cup in 2003. I have also worked with current England head coach Stuart Lancaster during my time at Leeds.

“I feel I have learnt a lot from those guys and I’m looking forward to passing on some of my experience and defensive knowledge to the squad.”

Titans head coach Andre Bester believe Blackett has all the right qualities to succeed in his coaching aspirations, he said, “Lee is a player with extensive Premiership experience and is also an exceptional competitor and like most players I teach them to think like a coach. There’s no reason why Lee, with the experience that he has, having worked with some of the top international defence coaches, can’t add substantial value to our defensive efforts this year.

“There is no doubt; I want him to be the best defensive coach in the division and to go on to be one of the best in the industry. If Lee himself did not have that ambition, then I wouldn’t have appointed him as the defensive coach.”