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VIDEO – Counties reach out through TAG rugby

28 June 2012

  • The Counties visited a remote town in Uganda to coach a tag rugby tournament
  • 'Meeting the children really puts life in perspective' - Saunders

"Life-changing" and "humbling" were sentiments expressed by the England Counties players who met and coached children during their tour to East Africa.

The outreach aspect of their time in Uganda, co-ordinated by the Tag Rugby Trust, was a fundamental part of the programme which saw them spend a day in the remote town of Jinja.

In the morning, the players split up and went into the surrounding primary schools to coach tag rugby and select teams for a tournament in the afternoon.

Some players worked with children who were deaf, others with those who had been orphaned, gaining a huge understanding of the positive attitude of children, whose difficult lives are very different from children at home.

Jared Saunders said: “I don’t think any of the boys thought it would affect them so much.  It’s just a different world.  The kids love having us here, they are so happy and you can see how much it means to them to have the attention and to play tag.  Meeting them really puts life in perspective.”