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Championship Player Focus: Phil Mackenzie

02 February 2012

  • Esher's SuperMac talks dancing, hair dye and World Cups
  • Hopefully I can keep scoring and results will come with that - Mackenzie

Esher Rugby's Phil Mackenzie

Photo: RFU Archive

Name: Phil Mackenzie
Age: 24
Club: Esher
Position: centre


Worst dressed player at Esher Rugby: Erm, I would probably be a candidate for that; some of the boys are pretty sharp from time to time. I’m going to give that one to Ian Kench.

Best dancer: I’m going to have to say me on that one.

Last film you watched: Chalet Girl

iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone 100%

Favourite food:

If you didn’t play rugby, what other sport would you like to play professionally? I think baseball - those guys are living the dream.

From Twitter...

@jamiemackenzie: What products do you use for your hair?

Oh, man. I’m au natural right now. In August I did have a little dye, but for the last two months I’ve been trying to keep it looking natural and fresh, at all times.

Why did you dye it in the first place?

A couple of us got a little jealous. I’m not sure if you saw the guys with the big beards during Movember, but we thought we’d dye our hair to make us stand out a little more.

@ed_price: Who is better looking and better at rugby, you or your brother (Jamie Mackenzie)?

Definitely me! In both respects.

@rugbylegend12: What made you chose Esher after leaving Coventry?

I thought it would be a good chance to play in front of the London crowds, and just a change of scenery really. Obviously I had the chance to train with Wasps, which was a great experience as well and all of those things played a part in me coming to Esher.

@dansales8: what was it like to play for Canada in the RWC?

It was amazing, I mean New Zealand was brilliant. I honestly can't wait to see what England’s World Cup will be like - New Zealand’s will be hard to beat!

@piratelock5: What was your highlight of the last year?

Beating Tonga was the highlight of the last year, and probably of my rugby career. The first game of the World Cup, that was pretty special.

Championship Question Time

Esher have found some form lately with three wins from three. What do you put that down to?

I just think that consistency in the squad. I mean, we still have a few injuries but when I first got back from the World Cup it was a completely different side. I think starting in December, more guys came back which meant we steadily improved and hopefully we can carry that on into the relegation play-offs.

You’ve scored a quarter of Esher’s tries this season; do you feel any pressure to deliver?

No, I don’t mind it at all; it helps when everyone around me is playing well. It makes thing a lot easier for me and hopefully I can keep scoring and results will come with that.

For Esher, the league system has given you a second chance at survival this year. Is that something that you are pleased about?

Concerning our position we can’t really complain. We wouldn’t be in the Championship, but now we’ve got a second chance. I understand how it would be tough for the top team not getting promoted after a long season and having to play in the play-offs, and I guess the team above us might argue that we should be going down, but that’s the way the competition is.

Have you seen a change in the standard of the Championship this season?

Yeh, I think it’s a high standard definitely. I’ve developed tons over the last couple of years playing in the Championship week in, week out and it gives a lot of players the opportunity to do that. There are definitely quite a few Premiership quality players; it’s just whether or not they’ll get the opportunity to play at that level. So yeah, I think it’s definitely improved.