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Championship Organising Committee rules on Leeds Carnegie v Plymouth Albion game

17 January 2013

  • Leeds v Plymouth to be replayed
  • Organising Committee ruled referee correct in determining that the pitch was not safe for scrummaging 

The Organising Committee of the Championship met this week at the request of the RFU to review the circumstances that led to uncontested scrums after 13 minutes of play in the fixture Leeds Carnegie v Plymouth Albion at Headingley on January 6, 2013.

Having considered all facts and reviewed a tape of the game in question, the Committee ruled that the referee was correct in determining the pitch was not safe for scrummaging.

After considering the representations of the clubs, the Laws of the Game and the regulations governing the Championship, the Committee decided that the fixture should be replayed on the next available free weekend, being February 1-3 at a venue of Leeds' choice.

If a venue can be secured in Yorkshire that meets the Laws/Regulations, Leeds Carnegie will be required to fund Plymouth Albion’s proper travel and accommodation costs. Alternatively, the game can be replayed at Brickfields with Plymouth Albion meeting all staging costs whilst retaining game revenue.

Either club has a right of appeal against this decision to an independent panel.