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Dylan Hartley chooses motivational @EnglandRugby tweet

05 March 2014

  • Dylan Hartley picks winner from 40 #carrythemhome entries
  • Fans can get their motivational message on wall of Twickenham tunnel
Dylan Hartley picking a winning tweet from the England Rugby twitter feed

Photo: Getty Images

At the start of the 2014 RBS 6 Nations, England Rugby called upon fans to get behind their team by Tweeting messages of support using #carrythemhome.

As well as sending the team their motivational messages via Twitter, a selection of 40 lucky England fans had their words printed on the Twickenham tunnel wall as the players ran out to a victory over Ireland last month. And with one final home game remaining in the Championship, another 40 tweets have been selected to adorn the wall for Sunday’s clash against Wales.

The winners listed below will see their motivational tweets printed on the Twickenham tunnel wall to spur on the team as they run out to face Wales on Sunday, March 9th. In addition, one of the chosen 40 will receive the ultimate prize.

The most inspiring tweet, chosen by Dylan Hartley, was sent by Nikki Bradley: “Show the world what it means to you to wear the rose. Be proud of your achievement; inspire a nation with your performance #CarryThemHome”. Nikki's prize includes attending a training session at Pennyhill Park this week, delivering his message in person to the team and two tickets to the game on Sunday.

If your tweet hasn’t been chosen this time, then don’t worry, there is still a chance to send your messages to the England team ahead of the final Championship game against Italy on March 16th. Simply tweet your motivation messages using #carrythemhome and we’ll deliver the best straight to the team.

Before the roar of the crowd, the national anthems, or that first blow of the whistle, your words will inspire England. Be the First Contact.

Top 40 #carrythemhome tweets

@taaassshhh98: Give it your all, your supporters will be behind you all the way #CarryThemHome               

@ConnorVClayton: Strength does not come from power, it comes from Indomitable Will. #CarryThemHome         

@xoxDODIxox: Represent your country with Respect, Greatness and Pride! Win the game with Passion, Determination and Fight! COME ON BOYS! #CarryThemHome          

@subalut: #CarryThemHome One day, one nation, one team, one result! #England            

@milliepo: @EnglandRugby be victorious for every grassroots player that dream of being in your boots now. #CarryThemHome          

@Adam_Smith_1986: @EnglandRugby This is the big one, the whole country are behind you, play with pride, passion, and belief #WorldBeaters #CarryThemHome             

@P_Horobin: #CarryThemHome this is your time. Play with power, pride and passion. C'mon England...

@JodiLeaPerks: It's about passion, pride and playing for the man next to you. 16th man will help you through once again. #CarryThemHome          

@jonharper70: @EnglandRugby #CarryThemHome with Pride and Honour, your country stands shoulder to shoulder with you!      

@GavinTilling: @EnglandRugby you have climbed the mountain, this is the summit, now run at altitude #CarryThemHome               

@FdARugby: Never above you, never below you. always by your side. #CarryThemHome               

@KJL2910L: #CarryThemHome where there is unity, there is the victory   

@maxrivster: Once you step out on to the pitch it's down to you. Get that win! #carrythemhome

@daverupert80: it's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. #CarryThemHome          

@ArchieWilkinson: 90 minutes, Thousands of fans, 15 players, 1 mission, Our Country, Your Time #CarryThemHome         

@Gainesk1959: #CarryThemHome This not a game, it's The Game. The one you've waited for, you're chance to shine! Ruck or maul you can do it all! Go win!! 

@hazz3000: Its not about giving your all, its having nothing left to give #carrythemhome   

@Arshavinalaugh: @EnglandRugby Be brave. Be strong. Be passionate. Be victorious. Be heroes. #CarryThemHome         

@mxellis97: Play for the rose on the front and they will remember the number on the back #CarryThemHome     

@xCleaverNFFC: @EnglandRugby The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. #CarryThemHome #ComeOnEngland            

@danielson264: @EnglandRugby Play with heart and pride. We will bring the noise. We are all behind you. Together you can achieve greatness #CarryThemHome    

@chinesemothers: #CarryThemHome History is written by the Winners, write your own history. 

@boyceinblue: #CarryThemHome The rose in full bloom is one of natures' most awesome spectacles. Let's translate that to the pitch! Make us proud!          

@jaymcee: @EnglandRugby-Champions are made from something deep inside them; A desire, a dream, a vision #CarryThemHome          

@jimgilch: @englandrugby Now step proud, young men, and reach for Glory; Add your page to the Twickenham story #carrythemhome           

@oldfirehazard: @EnglandRugby This is the day. This is the moment. Come on England, you can do this! #CarryThemHome               

@geniuscoolbeans: Show the world what it means to you to wear the rose. Be proud of your achievement, & inspire a nation with your performance #CarryThemHome            

@JamieRundle: "It's not enough to to do your best, you must know what to do then do your best." W. Edwards Deming, 1900-1993 #CarryThemHome    

@WeAreBraveLtd: You’ll never be Brave if you don’t get hurt. You’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes. But today is not the day! #CarryThemHome        

@eylobert: Wins and Losses come hand in hand. But you are not a failure until you give up. Find strength in a nations pride and passion #CarryThemHome 

@GabriellaPink_: @EnglandRugby They say the brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. Be brave and do us proud. #CarryThemHome     

@Paccrash: @EnglandRugby biggest home game of the year myself and 80000 fans will be roaring you to victory, united as one nation #CarryThemHome   

@Bellsboo4: #CarryThemHome come on boys you can do it!! Good luck to all of you!! I believe in you guys, you beat Ireland so you can beat wales !

@seanboyton: Rarely can so few influence so many. Do the famous white jersey proud boys and you will hear the Twickenham caldron roar #CarryThemHome      

@ThorntonAnthony: @EnglandRugby Teamwork makes the dream work #carrythemhome            

@HarrietCook7: Dwell on last year only as it spurs you on; This is now, so make it count. #CarryThemHome             

@jodiestone16: #CarryThemHome just remember the whole of England are behind you.

@Stuartnasher: Make the tackle, Make it count, Make us proud #CarryThemHome            

@latts13: @EnglandRugby Swing low but aim high. We'll carry you home. #CarryThemHome          

@Blam2002: #CarryThemHome time to slay the welsh dragon and carry England home