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  • Why Play Touch

    Fun, fitness and friendship go hand in hand in this non-contact version of the game. Find out more and get involved! Touch, rugby.

  • What's it all about?

    No crunching tackles, no cauliflower ears, no up the jumper. Touch rugby is non contact, fast paced and perfect for everyone from the absolute beginner to the expert player. Easy to learn, easy to play, O2 Touch gives you fun, social fitness like no other sport can. Find your level.

  • Find your level with O2 Touch
    • PLAY TouchBase – Turn up on your own, with your mates, when you can. Hard work, fun and play are never far away with O2 Touch. Every week coaches are on hand to hone your skills and help you reach your touch rugby potential.
    • TouchBase+ – If you want to play competitive games of touch without the commitment of a formal league then we'll help you find your level. All you need to do is turn up and play.

    Search all the O2 Touch events in your area

  • Take it to the next level...

    ...with O2 Touch leagues – where legends are made.

    Whether you’re an experienced Touch player, or you’re just getting started, sign up now to get involved. You don’t need to be part of a team, you just have to be ready to have some serious fun.

    Check out the how-to-play videos

  • More than 15,000 people play touch rugby each year...

    Here are two of their stories:

    Dave Foster
    "I played rugby for 31 years at Litchfield RFC. My daughter then started and she let me know about the Old Gits touch club. She said I was definitely an old git and should get along and have a go. I haven’t looked back since and have now played regularly for the past two years."

  • Amy Dyer

    "I play in a mums touch rugby team at Camp Hill RFC, we’re nicknamed the WAGS side! Touch is a fantastic sport for getting fit and no other sport I’ve played allows men and women of all ages and abilities to take to the field together."

  • O2 Touch Home

    No rugby experience? No problem. Our how-to-play videos will ensure you're ready and raring to take to the pitch.

  • How to play touch

    Introducing The Untouchables. Big tricks, great moves and amazing skills. See them live at the O2 Touch Tour.

  • Play Touch

    Use our interactive map and postcode search to play at an O2 Touch event near you.