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Lucozade logo

Official Sports Drink of England Rugby

As the Official Sports Drink of England Rugby, the makers of Lucozade Sport are delighted to bring their expertise to support all players within the national squads. Lucozade Sport is an isotonic performance fuel that enables the players to replace the electrolytes that they lose in sweat, allowing the team to maintain peak levels of performance for longer.

Working closely with England Rugby backroom staff, the Lucozade Sport team provides the players with the most advanced and effective sports hydration strategies, pushing the barriers of excellence through continuous research and development of new products.

Lucozade Sport and Chris Robshaw

The Lucozade Sport team work with Chris Robshaw to ensure he is always fully prepared. Whether in a match or in training he is fuelled and ready to face the action. Watch the video below to discover how Chris trains to be the best.


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