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Rugby doesn't just mean fifteen heavyweight men crashing around in the mud anymore, that still goes on, but there are now variants of the game played across the country that will suit almost any age, shape or experience. Find your local club and get involved.

O2 Touch Rugby

Play O2 touch

Wish you were fitter? Love a laugh? Like being part of a team? Pick up a ball for a bit of O2 Touch

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Play 15-a-side

The full 15-a-side game is rugby at its purest, muddiest and most physical. Find out more here and get in touch with your local club

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Play 7-a-side

Faster and quicker, seven-a-side rugby has gone from being an end-of-season wind down to a specialist game in its own right

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Find a club

Whatever variant you're looking to play the best place to start is at a club. Find one here.

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