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Winger Jonah Lomu on the burst for New Zealand with Jonny Wilkinson in pursuit

Photo: Getty Images

The fastest players in the side, wingers need fast and elusive running skills, with flair and clinical finishing.  With proficient handling skills, wingers should be able to beat opponents in one-on-one situations with speed, side-steps, changes of pace and/or strength.

As part of the back three with the full back, they should be able to keep the ball alive in tight situations by staying on their feet until support arrives or passing out of the tackle.  Wingers should be able to receive passes at full tilt.

In defence a winger should be able to quickly respond to opposition moves; standing back to receive all types of kick and then rapidly making up ground into the defensive line to make a tackle.  Wingers should be able to safely field opposition kicks and kick from hand, especially to relieve defensive pressure.

Practices should include:

  • Running ­– moving with the ball at speed, evading opponents with change of pace, side-step and swerve and hand-off
  • Running ­­– chipping and chasing out of hand, passing to support runners, and making available out of the tackle
  • Receiving – practice, under varying pressure, speed of movement to and from own line, fielding high and low kicks
  • Kicking – long kicks for touch

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