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Play 10-A-Side

Players at club level take part in a ten-a-side match

Photo: Getty Images

The ten-a-side game is often used in pre-season training, and late-summer tens festivals provide an excellent and gentle introduction to the season ahead.

Tens games use versions of the 15-a-side rules, but these modifications are often tweaked by match organisers depending on the level and experience of the teams participating.

The RFU does offer a recommended set of regulations for tens matches, and some features of the game are always consistent. For example, matches are always played on full-sized pitches with ten players on each team. This means the pitch is less congested with players than the 15-a-side game, but the play is often slightly slower than in sevens rugby.

More information on the basics of tens rugby is available in The Game section of this website. Alternatively, the following links will provide you with:


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