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Becoming A Rugby Union Coach

A community rugby coach talks tactics with his players before a game

Photo: RFU Archive

Why coach?

Coaching rugby union is a rewarding and challenging way to spend your time. It is a great way of staying involved in the sport and helping to nurture the next generation of players. High quality coaching is central to recruiting and retaining players and developing the rugby skills and understanding of players at all levels. 

Getting started

As a new coach, you are advised to undertake one of the foundation courses such as the Rugby Leaders Award, Start Coaching Tag Rugby or the Start Coaching Rugby Ready Course and progress to taking the Level 1 Coaching Certificate which is the first level on the qualification pathway illustrated below.  Please note that before applying for a Level 1 coaching course you must have attended a Start Coaching Rugby Ready Course.

Coaches can also attend one of a range of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) courses which help practicing coaches develop a greater knowledge of the game.

The coaching qualification pathway maps out a coaches progression through the ranks

All rugby union coaching courses help develop a greater understanding of the five key components:

  • Coaching Skills – how to get the best out of players
  • Technical – teaching the skills required to play
  • Tactical – instilling an understanding of the game
  • Psychological – assisting players to be mentally prepared for rugby
  • Physical & Lifestyle – assisting players to be physically prepared for rugby

What next?

As mapped out by the coach qualification pathway above, coaches can develop through to level four to become fully qualified. The RFU has a dedicated coach educator workforce to help individuals fulfil their coaching potential. If you are already a member of a club, contact your Club Coaching Coordinator for further details, or if not, get in touch with your regional coaching office.


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