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Continuous Personal Development for Rugby Coaches

Traditionally, coaches have been developed through attendance to a qualification or award programme, working through levels one to four. Coaching qualifications play a key role in developing coaches and provide a standardised set of competencies for coaches across the country.

England head coach Martin Johnson carries tackle bags during training ahead of the second test against Argentina on June 10, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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To complement the coaching qualification pathway, a range of continuous personal development (CPD) short courses are available to further develop coaching expertise. These CPD courses help to develop coaches' knowledge and application of technical, tactical, physiological, psychological and lifestyle factors that affect a player’s performance.

CPD plays an important part in the development of a coach, and coaches should undertake these courses before, after and alongside attendance at qualification courses.

The courses are designed to support coaches with training appropriate to the type of player they are working with. Within rugby union there are six broad categories of player: elite, adult performance, adult participation, talent development, youth and children.

CPD courses will be delivered or facilitated by an accredited Coach Educator or Coach Developer, have clear and explicit course descriptions, have set outcomes and include appropriate resources.

A community rugby coach lines up for tackling practice

Photo: RFU Archive

CPD Courses Currently Available

Arranging And Applying For A CPD Course

Many of these courses can be organised at your club, or a group of clubs and schools (club cluster) through the Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) who should liaise with their local Coach Development Officer (CDO) to establish need, delivery and viability. Courses usually cost £15 per person including VAT, which includes delivery and resources.

Clubs wishing to host a CPD event should have a screen and projector (although this can be arranged through the CDO) and must have training or floodlights for evening practical courses.

A coach discusses tactics with his players

Photo: RFU Archive

Most of the courses are 2- 3 hours in duration and involve some physical aspects, in which the coaches should be prepared to participate. Players of the appropriate age group may be used – but this would need to be agreed with the CDO and/or course deliverer.

Your CCC will have details of courses which are being run in the area, and will be able to help you to book on other relevant courses. If your club does not have a CCC, courses will not be organised at your club. All clubs are advised to appoint a CCC, an individual dedicated to improving the standards of coaching, and thus playing, at your club.

If you not a member of a club or if you are a teacher coaching a school team, details of courses can be obtained from your CDO. 


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