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Join the Coach Educator Workforce

A coach offers instructions other coaches an RFU training course

Photo: RFU Archive

The coach educator workforce provides a link between grassroots coaches and the RFU’s regional coaching structure. It is an RFU body made up of experienced coaches to ensure that the training, mentoring and development of coaches (and those who train them) is to the highest standard. The coach educator workforce was launched in January 2009 and aims to monitor, track and support all RFU affiliated coaches in England.

All members of the coach educator workforce are licensed by the RFU with annual licences being awarded to all trainers and coach educators who have attained accreditation status. Provisional licenses are awarded to those successfully completing a 3 Union Trainer or Coach Educator Course; and those who have not achieved full sign off and therefore are not yet accredited.

The scheme will lead to increased opportunities for coach trainers to improve their skills and knowledge, which will filter down to the coaches and ultimately the players in the community game. 

For further details on the scheme and its aims, the coach educator pathway, and the license requirements, please refer to the comprehensive Coach Educator Workforce Guidance document (PDF 2.4MB).

Also, for coaches who have allowed their license to lapse, please consult the Trainer-Coach Educator Re-entry Into License System document (PDF 137kB).

The RFU’s coach educator workforce comprises of four elements:

  • Coach Trainers
  • Coach Mentors
  • Coach Educators
  • Coach Developers

Thorough analysis is an important part of coaching at all levels of rugby

Photo: RFU Archive

Coach Trainers

Coach trainers are responsible for the management and integrity of coach qualification courses. They lead on the delivery of coaching courses, and ensure that the coach educators teaching those courses do so to a high standard. They also ensure that assessment standards are consistent and in line with awarding body requirements. Coach trainers are accredited coach educators, and thus are able to deliver qualification, continuous personal development and foundation courses.

Coach Mentors

Coach mentors support the development of coaches. Coaches are selected for specific support according to the priorities established in the annual Coaching Business Plan, for example, coaches of representative teams, adult teams or youth team coaches. Mentors do not play a role in the formal assessment of coaches but work to support their individual development. Mentors should have excellent interpersonal skills, particularly questioning and listening skills; an open-minded attitude; willingness to learn; and empathy and humility.

Coach Educators

A coach educators’ role is to educate coaches, review coach performance and formally assess coaches against RFU and awarding body competencies. In the field they are managed and led by a coach trainer. Coach educators must be licensed by the RFU (SRU and WRU) to be able to deliver qualification, continuous personal development and foundation courses, which means they must demonstrate a commitment to developing their own coach educator skills.

Coach Developers

England Under 18s  coach John Fletcher with his squad at a training camp in Devon

Photo: RFU Archive

Coach developers are deployed by RFU Regional Coach Development Officers (CDOs) and their role is to deliver non-assessed coach development programmes such as foundation courses and continuous personal development sessions. Coach developers undertake training to develop their facilitation and delivery skills, together with courses that are relevant to their own skills and experience.

Coach Educator Workforce Newsletters

To support the coach educator workforce, the RFU has produced a series of newsletters containing information on the latest developments in the scheme, new qualification opportunities and course guidance notes. Please use the links below to view the newsletters published so far.

Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue One - March 2009 (PDF 181kB)
Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue Two - October 2009 (PDF 272kB)
Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue Three - December 2009 (PDF 249kB)
Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue Four - April 2010 (PDF 275kB)
Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue Five - December 2010 (PDF 349kB)
Coach Educator Workforce Newsletter Issue Six - September 2011 (PDF 321kB)


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