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Coaching And Schools Of Rugby

A rugby coach gives instructions to a youth player

Photo: RFU Archive

The Schools of Rugby (SoR) present both playing and, importantly, coach development opportunities. The RFU Coaching Department will provide support and mentoring to all coaches delivering the CB School of Rugby programme through the deployment of its accredited trainers and coach educators.

In addition to their on-site commitment to the CB School of Rugby, England Rugby Regional Academy staff will deliver coach education sessions to SoR coaches through one or more of the following:

  • Master class sessions based around the clubs ‘A’ team fixtures
  • In-service coaching days at the Guinness Premiership club for SoR coaches
  • Group coaching sessions relating to delivery and content of the SoR curriculum

There is also an open offer to all SoR coaches to watch or attend first team and academy training at any time subject to appropriate prior agreement with the Academy Manager.

SoR Guidance Documents

The SoR coaching guide (PDF 4.7MB) download presents a starting point in terms of your coaching within the SOR and beyond. To that end, the contents will evolve; it is hoped that this information will promote discussion and debate in order that good coaching practice can be identified and built upon.

In addition to the coaching guide, the SoR Operations Manual (PDF 1 MB) gives a much broader view of what the RFU hopes to achieve through the SoR programme, and how it came into being.

The following downloads provide the new Under 7 rules (PDF 321 kB), the new Under 8 rules (PDF 154 kB), the new Under 9 rules (PDF 219 kB) the new Under 10 rules (PDF 279 kB) and the new Under 11 rules (PDF 295 kB). A summary of the changes in the New Rules to include the IRB trial rules in addition to other minor changes can be found on the summary of changes 2012/13 (PDF 236 kB).

Documents for SoR Managers, Administrators, Assessors and Coaches

These appendix are available to download:

Documents for parents and players

For players and parents, information on what selection means for a player, what being part of a SoR entails, what development routes are open to players and how players are assessed are available to download:

Details of specific training practices that will help develop players in the SoR programme are available in the fitness attributes and training sections of this website.