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Personal development beyond this level is individual and specific. Contact your Area Training Manager for other opportunities

The coaching landscape

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To complement the coaching qualification pathway, a range of CPD short courses are available to further develop coaching expertise. These help to develop coaches' knowledge and application of technical, tactical, physiological, psychological and lifestyle factors that affect a player’s performance.

CPD plays an important part in the development of a coach, and coaches should undertake these courses before, after and alongside attendance at qualification courses.

The courses are designed to support coaches with training appropriate to the type of player they are working with. Within rugby union there are six broad categories of player: elite, adult performance, adult participation, talent development, youth and children. For this reason the CPD programme contains several subject titles that are subdivided to cater for specific player populations and the content and delivery will be appropriate for the attending coaches and their needs.

To be an effective coach you should aim to be at a level above that of the needs of the players you are coaching. This requires continual updating of coaching practice and technical, tactical, physiological and psychological developments in the game.

The coaching pathway from the base to the summit is not a straight path, and CPD mixed with practice (i.e. coaching application) will enhance your chances of becoming a more effective coach for the benefit of your players.

Director of Rugby

A course for those leading and managing rugby programmes, enabling them to create and sustain a high performing environment where players achieve success. Places are limited and only available through online course booking plus a full CV sent to the Game Development department.

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CPD - Coaching Sevens

This course introduces coaches to the principles of coaching seven-a-side rugby and develops their understanding of attacking and defensive frameworks from phase play and set-piece. It will be of use for devising practices and by offering coaching models that help to use these practices with players.

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