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FAST Testing Scores

The FAST programme (Fitness and Anthropometric Scoring Template) provides all RFU Regional Academy players from 12 to 18+ years old with a fitness testing scheme based on 16 tests measuring speed, agility, powerstrength and endurance.

The scores from the tests are converted into a decathlon-style points score. In the FAST scale the highest possible scores of 1000 points are taken from results recorded by young athletes in comparable sports across the world. Whilst a player’s raw (i.e. “actual”) scores could continue to improve, his FAST conversion score would remain capped at 1000 points to prevent over-emphasis of one fitness component.

These 1000 point FAST scores, whilst elite, are achievable by rugby players who have had adequate preparation, are genetically equipped and work hard to achieve excellence. A score of 800+ is excellent, 700+ is good and 600 is the minimum score acceptable for a rugby player aiming to succeed at elite level. 

Maintaining Development

As a player gets older, his raw scores need to improve to maintain his FAST score.  For example, a 12-year-old who runs 10m in 2.00 seconds would score 695 points.  The same player might run 1.9 seconds three years later as a 15 year old, which would score 527; a quicker time (raw score) but a lower FAST score, indicating a relative deterioration in performance.

The table below gives the best raw and FAST scores recorded by under-16 and U-18 rugby academy players in England between 2004 and 2009.

Test Raw Unit Fast Raw Unit Fast
10m 1.55 sec 1000 1.5 sec 1000
40m 5.00 sec 931 4.83 sec 963
505 Agility 2.08 sec 900 2.06 sec 900
Sargent jump 67 cm 935 82 cm 850
Hang Clean NA NA NA 105 kg 603
3kg Med Ball 18.1 m 670 20 m 725
10kg Med Ball 8.9 m 690 11.8 m 680
Bench Press 5RM 95 kg 809 130 kg 925
Bench Press 1RM NA NA NA 140 kg 745
Wide Grip Pull Ups 24 reps 1000 28 reps 964
Weighted 1RM Pull Up NA NA NA 42.5 kg 708
Back Squat 5RM 80 kg 653 175 kg 876
Back Squat 1RM NA NA NA 200 kg 773
Plank 360 sec 1000 360 sec 1000
MSFT Level 13 871
Yo Yo Level NA NA NA 17 1000
5min run 1420 m 820 1530 m 880


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