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Regional Academy Anaerobic Endurance

The ability to maintain a high work rate cannot be overstated when playing rugby. To ensure that young players develop their endurance capacities, it is critical that they perform regular sessions that stress the anaerobic energy system. To do so safely, especially in sessions that will tax the player very hard mentally as well as physically, will require the following competencies:

  • The ability to construct and perform a suitable warm-up for any unsupervised anaerobic session.
  • Competent in the use of all cardio vascular¬†equipment:
    • treadmill safety
    • correct saddle height on bike ergometers
    • excellent technique (leg/back dominant) on rower.
  • The ability to construct and perform a suitable warm-down after any unsupervised anaerobic session.

The ability to hydrate knowledgeably before and during such training and to re-hydrate appropriately afterwards.