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Body Composition

England's Tom Croft walking out of the sea during the 2009 British Lions tour

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As well as providing the right amount of fuel required for rugby, having a good nutrition plan also aids body composition, allowing a player to achive lean muscle mass with little body fat. This ensures that he is carrying as little superfluous weight as possible. The following downloadable eating guidelines and recipies are designed to improve and maintain good body composition.

  • Blood Sugar Control Part 2 (MS Word DOC 54kB) - So what do I eat then?
  • Carbohydrate Considerations (MS Word DOC 24kB)
  • Nutrition Cookery Lesson A (MS Word DOC 61kB) - Learn the breakfast routine and get some quick recipes, great for after workouts and interesting snack ideas
  • Nutrition Cookery Lesson B (MS Word DOC 37kB) – All in two hours, cook a full Sunday roast, learn how to make healing tom yum soup and prepare some of your evening meals
  • Meal Examples (MS Word DOC 13kB)
  • Fat Loss Made Easy (MS Word DOC 80kB) – Strategies for effective, long term body fat reduction
  • Flex (MS Word DOC 80kB) - Maximising performance whilst reducing body fat
  • All About Protein (MS Word DOC 26kB)
  • High and Low GI Food List (MS Word DOC 123kB)
  • Essential Fatty Acid - As most athletes are acutely aware, fats are best avoided and therefore many aim for a low-fat diet. However essential fatty acids are also important for a healthy nutritional diet and crucial for biochemical processes, which are responsible for metabolism and cell regrowth. Essential fatty acids can only be obtained by diet, and while reducing saturated fat intake is a good thing, athletes often reduce their essential fat intake and inadvertently increase their intake of refined carbohydrates. For a guide to the right sources of foods for essentiual fatty acid and the associated metabolic pathways, download the Essential Fatty Acid Chart (MS Word DOC 35kB).

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