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Ankle Exercises

The following exercises form part of an introduction to injury prevention strategies. The exercises in this section are only to be performed if you are fit and well and not suffering from an injury and illness. If you encounter any pain or problems while doing the exercises then stop and report to your club or academy physiotherapist or seek medical advice. 

All the exercises can be performed as part of your warm up routine before training or a match.

  • Stand on one leg making sure you do not squeeze your other leg against your standing leg
  • You can now perform various exercises to challenge your balance (see video footage below) but it is important you keep your body upright and your hip, knee and second toe of your stance leg in line
  • Practice throwing and catching a ball with a partner or against a wall whilst keeping your balance
  • Practice closing you eyes for 3 seconds and then opening them whilst keeping your balance
  • Practice standing on an unstable surface such as a wobble board, sit-fit or Bosu and then throwing and catching a ball

Ankle Exercise One


Ankle Exercise Two

Ankle Exercise Three


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