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Knee Exercises

The following exercises form part of an introduction to injury prevention strategies. The exercises in this section are only to be performed if you are fit and well and not suffering from any injury or illness. If you encounter any pain or problems while doing the exercises then stop and report to your club or academy physiotherapist or seek medical advice. 

All the exercises can be performed as part of your warm up routine before training or a match. See the accompanying videos for a demonstration of each exercise.

Knee Exercise One

  • Squat (heels down)
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, feet pointing out 15 -45 degrees.
  • Squat whilst keeping heels in contact with the floor.
  • Breathe in before squat down and breath out on upward part of squat.
  • Repeat x 10

Knee Exercise Two

  • Stand on one leg maintaining a neutral lumbo-pelvis
  • Keep the body upright without leaning forward
  • Bend the knee to 30 degrees keeping in line with the second and third toe of the standing leg
  • Hold the knee in position for one to two seconds each time at the bottom of the squat
  • Repeat x 5 each leg

Knee Exercise Three

  • Standing on a fixed point line, lunge forward a designated distance (on average this should be equal to four foot lengths)
  • Keep trunk upright
  • Hold position for five to 10 seconds

Knee Exercise Four

  • Stand square in front of a 20cm high step
  • Keeping trunk upright step up ensuring the stepping foot is firmly placed on the step
  • Step up fully until the knee locks straight
  • Bring the following leg onto the step
  • Lower slowly back off the step on to the leading leg
  • Repeat x 5 each leg