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Shoulder Exercises

The following exercises form part of an introduction to injury prevention strategies. The exercises in this section are only to be performed if you are fit and well and not suffering from any injury or illness. If you encounter any pain or problems while doing the exercises then stop and report to your club or academy physiotherapist or seek medical advice.

All the exercises can be performed as part of your warm up routine before training or a match. See the accompanying videos for a demonstration of each exercise.

Shoulder Exercise One

  • Go into the press up position
  • Position feet approximately a shoulder width apart, head and spine in neutral position
  • Lower body to the floor only half the distance of a standard press up
  • Reverse direction and press forcibly outward rounding thoracic spine region

Shoulder Exercise Two

  • Hold a piece of strong theraband in each hand
  • Attach the opposite ends to a wall bar or use a training partner to hold the other end in a fixed position
  • Lean the trunk forward with the knee bend at 30 degrees
  • Start with both hands out in front of the shoulders and pull the theraband down and in using a low rowing technique
  • Hold for three seconds at the end of the movement and slowly release forward to recommence exercise
  • Repeat x 5

Shoulder Exercise Three

  • Attach a length of theraband to a wall bar or use a training partner to hold one end in a fixed position
  • Grasp the opposite end of the theraband in the right hand so that the fixed end is to the player's left
  • Stand with right elbow bent at 90 degrees and tucked into the waist
  • Start with the right arm resting on the stomach and turn the right arm outwards against the theraband resistance so that the shoulder rotates to the end of its range
  • Repeat x 5
  • Change positions so that the fixed end of the theraband is now to the player's right
  • Start with the shoulder at the limit of its outward rotation and turn the right arm inwards against the theraband resistance to finish with the arm resting on the stomach.
  • Repeat x 5
  • Repeat entire exercise with the left arm

Shoulder Exercise Four

  • Attach a length of theraband to wall bar or use a training partner to hold one end in a fixed position
  • Place the arm at 90 degrees abduction
  • Face the fixed point and using the shoulder, rotate the arm backwards against the theraband resistance
  • Repeat x 5
  • Turn the body through 180 degrees, and with the same shoulder position, perform the shoulder rotation in the opposite direction against theraband resistance
  • Repeat exercise with the opposite arm

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