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Trunk Exercises

The following exercises form part of an introduction to injury prevention strategies. The exercises in this section are only to be performed if you are fit and well and not suffering from any injury or illness. If you encounter any pain or problems while doing the exercises then stop and report to your club or academy physiotherapist or seek medical advice. 

All the exercises can be performed as part of your warm up routine before training or a match. See the accompanying videos for a demonstration of each exercise.

Trunk Exercise One

  • Lie down on a mat (without a pad under your head) with your knees bent up and your hips, knees and second toe in line (with a gap between your thighs) and with your feet on the floor. Place your finger tips on the front of your hips to make sure they stay level
  • Lift your bottom off the floor making sure your hips stay level (do not twist right or left) and your lower back is in a neutral position (so it does not over arch - extend or over bend - flex)
  • Keeping you hips level at all times and your spine in a neutral position, straighten your right knee but keeping your thighs parallel.  Hold for five seconds and then lower your right leg
  • Repeat by lifting the left leg

Trunk Exercise Two

  • Position yourself on your hands and knees ensuring you are on a level, firm surface with your hands, elbows and shoulders in line and you knees and hips in line. Your spine should be in a neutral position with your eyes looking at the floor in front of your hands to ensure your neck is in a neutral position
  • Ensuring you keep your spine still (in a neutral position) simultaneously slide your left leg back and lift it up behind you whilst lifting your right arm forwards and up in front of you
  • Try and maintain you spine in a neutral position and hold this position for six seconds 
  • Repeat the exercise by lifting the right leg and left arm
  • Repeat three times on each diagonal

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