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Video Library

Please find below links to a number of useful video clips that help to explain the various anti-doping topics. The videos can be used in isolation, or in conjunction with the Presentations and other resources found on this site.

Anti-Doping Regulations

The World Anti-Doping Code (UK Anti-Doping) : An overview of the WADA Code and anti-doping regulations.

Anti-Doping Rule Violations (UK Anti-Doping) : This clip details the 8 different anti-doping rule violations that athletes/players and their support personel can be charged for.

The Prohibited List

The Prohibited List (UK Anti-Doping) : An introduction to the Prohibited List, what it contains, how it works and what it is for.

Therepeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Therepeutic Use Exemptions - The Process (UK Anti-Doping) : An overview of the process for applying for a TUE. For further information you should contact the RFU Anti-Doping department.

Testing / Sample Collection Procedures

Doping Control (World Anti-Doping Agency) : An alternative description of the Doping Control process (not sport specific).


Supplements - Be Informed (UK Anti-Doping) : Many athletes and players may consider the use of supplements. It is important that they are aware of the risks from an anti-doping perspective.

Case Studies

Case Study: The Adam Dean Story (UK Anti-Doping) : Adam Dean was a promising young rugby player and England U18 squad member. He tested positive for a prohibited substance thought to have been in one of his supplements and was banned for 2 years. Adam and his father tell the story.


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