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Tens Rugby

Ben Gollings of England in action

Photo: Getty Images

Tens rugby is a variation of rugby union and rugby sevens, with both sides having 10 players, comprised of five forwards and five backs.

Basic Rules

  • Five forwards and five backs
  • Full contact rules apply
  • 10-minute halves are played

This version of the game does incorporate full contact so it isn't for the faint-hearted, but with fewer players on the pitch, there is also more space for players to run into. This in turn gives players more time to pick out killer passes. It is slightly slower than sevens as the pitch is that little bit more congested.

The game is mostly used as a development tool within pre-season training or when player numbers are short. It’s not uncommon for clubs and Constituent Bodies to offer tens festivals at the start of the season as a gentle introduction to the campaign.

Find out:  where you can play tens, how to organise your own event and a detailed run-down of the rules of tens.


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