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Play your part

Players applaud the referee

Photo: RFU Archive

Rugby union is the fastest growing major sport in the country, attracting more people than ever to enjoy a vibrant game as professional and amateur players, volunteers and supporters.

But the expansion of rugby brings new challenges to the game and a need to sustain the standards that are its strengths. That’s why we all have a responsibility to act if our core values are under threat.

Rugby is special and we will keep it that way through:


We take pride in and look after our team. We speak out if it is threatened by inappropriate words or actions.


We respect the referee, our environment, our opposition and their fans. Without them, there is no game.


We will make rugby as enjoyable as possible for all, and give young players the best possible introduction to the game.


We behave as role models. We take responsibility for our actions and maintain our discipline whether on the pitch, on the sidelines or in the clubhouse.


We take pride in always treating the game and everyone in the rugby family in a sporting way.

We love rugby because it’s special. It’s special because of you. And it will stay special because of you.


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