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Personal Assistant Registration

The Rugby Football Union provides a complimentary personal assistant ticket to supporters who require assistance on match days at Twickenham Stadium as a reasonable adjustment under The Equality Act 2010.

However, we also appreciate that not all supporters who require accessible seating are long-term disabled or require a personal assistant on match days, so we have launched a Personal Assistant Registration System that caters for each individual.

If you are disabled and require a personal assistant, companion or carer in order to be able to attend a match day at Twickenham Stadium, you will now need to register your need for a complimentary personal assistant ticket with the RFU Ticket Office before (or at the time of) applying for tickets.

If you are not disabled but still need accessible seating (i.e. you have an injury or illness that is short term but affects your mobility) you do not need to register with us. You will still be able to apply for two accessible seats for every match and detail any specific requirements you do have on ticket application forms, but you will not be allocated a PA ticket as standard.

Registration Process

Each disabled supporter will only need to register once. Your registration will be reviewed by the RFU Ticket Office, and if successful you will be given a Personal Assistant Registration Number that you can put on all future ticket application forms. You will need to inform us if your situation changes, but otherwise you will not need to discuss your access requirements again.

You can submit this form at any time – either ahead of or at the time of your ticket application.

In order to register with us, please download and complete the registration form (MS Word 128kB) and return it via:

Email, with subject “Personal Assistant Registration Form”

0208 831 6670

Personal Assistant Registration
Ticket Office
Rugby Football Union
200 Whitton Road

If, for any reason, further clarification is required, the RFU may contact you to discuss your registration and we reserve the right to request supporting documentation where necessary.

Blue Badges will now only be used in relation to parking concessions, and not in relation to ticket applications.

If you have any further questions, please read the FAQs (PDF 212kB).


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