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Lost Property

Within reason, we aim to collect, store and return items of property that are deemed to be genuinely lost by patrons on the Twickenham site and likely to be sought by the original owner.

Enquiring after lost property

Enquires can be made in person at the Security Office located at Gate F. This will be open until 9pm on the day of the event.

For enquiries after an event, please email

Please include a full description of the item, including brand, size, colour, unique features or other details that will help with identification. It may also be necessary for us to request specific information for certain items, including, description of contents for bags, wallets and purses, phone numbers or un-lock codes for mobile phones and distinguishing marks or engravings on jewellery.

Items that are handed into us will be kept within a secure location for a period of not less than twenty-eight (28) days. Perishable items will be kept for the date of the event during which the item was found. Items of obvious nil value may also be kept for the duration of the original event only.

Proactive contacts

Where possible, RFU reception will try to contact the owner of property handed to us where we reasonably believe we have the correct contact information. Should we not be able to contact you directly, we will leave a message that we may have an item of your property and ask you to contact us.

Unclaimed goods

If, despite our efforts and a reasonable timeframe having passed, we will dispose of goods in a manner that we see fit. This may include donation to charity or third parties, or sale of goods through any channel. In line with the Data Protection Act 1992, we will not disperse any goods that contain personable identifiable information. Any items such as mobile phones will be data cleansed before dispersal of sale.


While we will take due care when collecting, storing and dispersing property within our remit, no claim whatsoever will be accepted for any loss arising from our involvement in this process.

Any items accepted as lost property within the confines of the Stadium Grounds on days where an event is in progress, will become the responsibility of RFU and should be handed to a senior member of the event staff or taken to the Enquiry Office.


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