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Rugby In The Frame – The Art Of Paine Proffitt

When the sixth Rugby World Cup tournament kicked off in France in 2007, all the competing nations were hoping for great inspiration.

Could art provide it?

From April 3, 2007, an exciting young American artist called Paine Proffitt had a selection of his rugby art on display at the Museum of Rugby.

Paine was introduced to rugby in 2003 when watching the Six Nations tournament and he was immediately hooked.

"Rugby slowly started to take over the work that I was doing and since then I haven’t been able, or wanted, to stop", he said.

The Museum displayed 20 of his paintings, each representing a different country competing in the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament.

This fascinating exhibition included film footage of Paine at work in his studio and recorded interviews with the artist discussing his art and influences.