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Examples of Damage Caused by Bad Storage and Display

Colour degradation

Photo: World Rugby Museum

These three jerseys have suffered from light damage. The pale areas on the chest of the green and navy jerseys are evidence that they have been folded into frames and displayed in too much sunlight.

This is very common in pubs. The third jersey shows signs of light damage on the arms and top of the right shoulder.


Photo: World Rugby Museum

These caps were found squashed and piled on top of each other in a plastic shopping bag. The braid has become brittle, the velvet infected with mould and the shape lost.

Fabric tear

Photo: World Rugby Museum

The other images demonstrate the damage that can occur to velvet rugby caps if they are not stored with enough support and protection.

The material becomes weakened at pressure points.

Examples of Good Storage

Curator's Store Room

Photo: World Rugby Museum

Museum visitors wear white gloves while handling museum objects. Each photo is left in its polyester sleeve to avoid fingerprints


Photo: World Rugby Museum

Examples of preferable or best practice. Each cap and jersey is kept in its own conservation friendly box.


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