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1924 Olympics Programme

1924 Olympics Programme

Photo: World Rugby Museum

This beautiful programme is from the 1924 Paris Olympics.
The iconic illustration is by artist Jean Droit and the programme includes team listings and even a space to record points scorers.
Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the International Olympic Committee and the modern Olympics, was especially fond of rugby and was the referee at the first ever French championship rugby union final.
Inspired by sports and games played at English Public Schools, his ultimate goal was to improve the education of young people through organised sport.

Rugby featured in the Olympics four times: 1900; 1908; 1920 and 1924. This programme was from the match between France and Romania, which was held at the Stade Colombes on the day that the 1924 Olympics opened, 4th May 1924.
The match ended in a French victory, 59-3. As there were only three competing teams in the competition, Romania were awarded the bronze medal.
In the final, the USA team were gold medalists, and France were awarded the silver.
The USA's victory allegedly led to riotous scenes from the home crowd, meaning that the USA team had to be escorted off the pitch by police.
1924 was the last time that rugby was a sport in the modern Olympics, meaning that the gold medal winners, the USA, are still the reigning Olympic champions.


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