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Rory Underwood

Nation: England
Place of Birth: Middlesbrough, June 19, 1963
Position: Wing
Internationals: 85 caps between 1984 and 1996
Inducted: February 17, 2001

Won 34 out of 41 Internationals at Twickenham
The following article has been adapted from the original by Dai Llewellyn, which focused on two players. It has been changed to highlight only the selected inductee’s information.

Rory Underwood may be England’s most capped wing, but he acknowledges that sporting heroes are all too readily forgotten once they have retired from their chosen sport.

That is why he greeted his induction to the Wall of Fame at Twickenham with such pride. “It is always good to be recognised for sporting achievement,” he’s says, “and in this case for it to be by the Rugby Football Union makes it even more special.

“Perhaps in America they go a bit over the top with their Halls of Fame, but over here I doubt if there are many people who recall the likes of the great Wales players of the 1970s, other than the Welsh themselves. And that is a shame because youngsters in succeeding generations should be made aware of past sporting heroes.”

Underwood, a former RAF Flight Lieutenant, now runs a management and leadership training company, advising companies on how to get the best teamwork out of their workforce.

Article by Dai Llewellyn


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